Gaëtan Dominici and US Tyrosse are “at heart to prove that we can compete with everyone”

For the pillar who came in the suitcases of Dylan Dicharry, his partner at the Espoirs de Bordeaux / Bègles, the state of mind and the solidarity which cement the senior group will eventually pay off. “The mayonnaise will take, says Gaëtan Dominici. Young people are the DNA of the club, you have to trust them. They cling and it is to their credit, but it necessarily takes time to adapt. From junior or Espoir to National 2, there is a course to overcome. »

“Securing the Future”

The boy, a volunteer firefighter at the Semisens barracks and about to launch his own public works company in January, knows something about it. Despite a favored physique, the native of Blaye remembers the excess intensity in the rucks and defensively from his time with the elders. “And again, me in Tyrosse, I was super well supervised by the elders. As for the rest, as long as you prove yourself on the field, you fit in without difficulty in this beautiful family. All the more reason to best support this succession which today carries all the red and blue hopes for the next decade. “We have to believe in ourselves and pull out all the stops to ensure the club has the future it deserves. What Tyrosse does at all levels of training is almost unique! »

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