Gambardella Cup. RC Épernay hopes to receive

Qualified for the first federal round of the Gambardella Cup, just like the Stade de Reims which will enter the competition, RC Épernay hopes to be evaluated at home.

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There will be two representations from Marne in the first federal round of the Gambardella Cup, the matches of which will take place on Saturday 10 December. The Stade de Reims will enter the fray, like the other resident formations of the national U19 championship and until then exempt from competition.

“Welcoming a professional club”

The Reims club will thus be accompanied by a neighbour, RC Épernay. The Sparnaciens, authors of a good course in U18 Regional 1, managed to clear the stage of the regional final by going to win this Saturday, November 19 in Sarreguemines, training evolving in U17 R2 (0-2).

“Incredible and privileged moments”, according to Quentin Mézières, that Racing will obviously seek to continue via this adventure, without forgetting to live it intensely. So this Thursday, November 24 (12 p.m.), on the occasion of the draw, the wishes will be well determined.

“What we hope for the most is to receive, because we have already made three trips in four matches, emphasizes the Sparnacian coach. Then, we would like a professional club, and not necessarily from the Grand Est. » history of adding “a little unknown” to an already beautiful epic, but to which the young Marnais would like to give a little more relief with a new party. If possible at home.

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