Gendarmes attacked at Tema’e golf course

Tahiti, 1uh August 2022 – Called to intervene for noise pollution during an evening at the Tema’e golf course on July 8, two gendarmes were violently attacked by a 27-year-old man who punched one of them. Presented in immediate comparison Monday, the author of the blow and the insults was sentenced to four months in prison suspended.

A 27-year-old mason, known to justice for driving while intoxicated, was tried by the criminal court on Monday in immediate comparison for acts of aggravated willful violence committed against two gendarmes. On July 8, the two soldiers were called to intervene for noise pollution at the Tema’e golf course where a party was organized. Arrived on the spot and while they were talking with the person in charge of security of the establishment, they had seen a very “excite” who was arguing with a security guard. The gendarmes had then tried to calm the person concerned who, not bending, had begun to insult and threaten them. The defendant, who had drunk several liters of beer during the day, had finally punched one of the two soldiers who had nevertheless managed to put him on the ground and control him with the help of his colleague .

Placed in police custody at the Moorea brigade, the young man had not been able to submit to a breathalyzer. In their summary report, the gendarmes had all the same noted the incoherent remarks of the young man, his “confused memories”, son look “staggering”, the strong smell of alcohol he gave off and his red eyes. Confused and silent at the bar of the court on Monday, the defendant had difficulty remembering the evening which earned him his comparison in court. Before expressing regret and apologizing flatly to his two victims – one of whom reinforced six days of total incapacity for work – the mason indicated that during the day of July 8 he had drunk six packs of beers followed by several pitchers.

“Severe alcoholic overflow”


“I have rarely seen such alcohol consumption in a file” commented the lawyer of the gendarmes, Me Lorna Oputu, during her argument. “Alcohol takes its toll and this case is no exception. My two clients were shocked, especially the one who was injured. Faced with the calm of the defendant at the bar, the lawyer affirmed that on the evening of the facts, the man must have been a “any other individual”. Same observation for the public prosecutor who requested “six to eight months” suspended prison sentence against the mason who, because of his “severe alcoholic overflow”, had “Somewhat manhandled the police in their chair and their dignity”.

Despite the accused’s consumption of alcohol, his lawyer, Mr.e Sylvain Fromaigeat, mentioned a young man “unfortunate” and “ashamed of what had happened”. Appealing to the court for leniency, he portrayed a “nice boy who can’t drink” but which is far from being a “habitual offender”. After deliberating, the court sentenced the defendant to four months in prison, suspended probation for 18 months. He will also have to follow care related to his alcohol consumption.


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