George Mikan’s jersey will be retired by the Lakers on October 30

Star of the team during the Minneapolis period, George Mikan is a true legend among the Lakers. The franchise has therefore decided to withdraw the jersey of the former pivot and the ceremony will take place on October 30.

When we think of the Lakers, the first names that come to mind are those of Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Jerry West, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal or even Elgin Baylor. However, another legendary player had come before all these boys. Her name ? George Mikan. Los Angeles, the Inglewood Forum, the Staples Center? The pivot has never played there, he reigned on the side of Minneapolis, the former base of the Lakers. Between the end of the 1940s and the mid-1950s, the Minneapolis Lakers won (almost) everything in the NBA. It’s simple, they won five titles in six years! This is the League’s first true dynasty. In the team, Pollard, Mikkelsen, Martin, Kundla but especially the giant George Mikan. The first real star of the NBA, Mikan is also the first big to really dominate in the racket, a kind of pioneer of the big men. His size-technique combo combined with his hook make him a real ordeal for all defenses. Red Auerbach, mythical coach of the Celtics, will say of him that he was a “giant among men”. In just nine seasons, he managed to win five league titles, finishing three times as the League’s top scorer and six times in the All-NBA First Team.. A sacred monster of the orange ball, without a doubt.

On October 30, the Lakers will therefore pay a nice tribute to their former star, who unfortunately will not be there to see his number 99 rise to the ceiling of the Arena. Inevitably, he died in 2005 at the age of 80. This is where we wonder why the franchise has waited so long to honor its former pivot, who stopped his career in… 1956. Better late than never, some would say, but it’s been a long wait all the same. At the time of celebrating his 75th birthday, the franchise probably wanted to make up for lost time, especially since the boy is still responsible for almost a third of the Lakers titles. What offer a good share of nostalgia to the fans and even a double share since we remind that Pau Gasol will also be designated this season. The ceremony for the Iberian will take place on March 7. And for JR Smith still nothing? Ok, let’s mess around.

George Mikan’s jersey will (finally) be retired by the Lakers and it is a more than deserved tribute for the first real “star” of the NBA. A member of the Hall of fame, one of the 75 best players of all time, Mr BasketBall, simply put.

Source text: @Lakers

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