Gérard Prêcheur has decided, Sarah Bouhaddi will be number 1

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Gérard Prêcheur a slice. With four players playing as goalkeepers: Lydia Williams, Constance Picaud, Barbora Votikova and Bouhaddi for a starting spot, the new coach of the women’s section of Paris Saint-Germain announces that the former Lyonnaise will start before to add that there will be one or more departures in the coming weeks.

“We are not going to keep four players. We will lend. For Sarah, I was very clear with the players as well. It’s a really special post. Sarah has been recruited to be number 1. In any case, over the next few weeks and the next months of competition”, he declared to the press.

This Wednesday at 8:30 p.m., the capital club hosts the Swedes of Hacken in the Women’s Champions League play-off.

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Gérard Prêcheur, coach of the women’s section of Paris Saint-Germain, was at a press conference before the match against Hacken in the Champions League, this Wednesday at 8:30 p.m., where he announced that Sarah Bouhaddi will be number 1.

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