Germany get destroyed after defeat to Japan, indecent price demanded to buy Manchester United

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A “disasterfor Germany!

After Argentina, it’s the turn of another big nation to stumble. Germany entered the competition yesterday against Japan, but it didn’t really go as planned! And yes, it was the surprise of the day, the Nationalmannschaft fell against Japan! A 2-1 defeat that does not really pass in the newspapers of the country. To pay Kickerit is “a bad start” after “a strong sign” of dispute. Forbidden to be able to wear the armband “One Love”, the Germans put their hands over their mouths as if to show that they were being prevented from speaking. And this is also what the newspaper criticizes BZ ! “You like that, we like that”, headlines the daily, showing German supporters who hid their eyes, as if to avoid seeing this terrible defeat! The famous newspaper Image there is also his little criticism and evokes a “disaster on the ground”” Shit “title even the German media.

Record sale for Manchester United?

The sale of Manchester United is one of the big topics of the moment! And this Thursday, the DailyMirror we report the price claimed by the current owners, the Glazer family. And according to the English daily, this is a totally crazy figure since the Glaziers asked for no less than £8 billion, or more than €9 billion! As a reminder, Chelsea, who hold the world record for the price of a sports team, were bought out for around half that sum! The figure therefore seems a little overestimated… But this is not what will prevent candidates from being interested in the sale! This is the case of Jim Ratcliffe, the current owner of OGC Nice. According The Daily Telegraph, he declared his interest in taking over United! But he fears that the price will exceed £5bn, and given the demand from the Glazers it is quite possible! Moreover, another famous candidate is talking across the Channel, it’s David Beckham! A true legend of the club, the current owner of Inter Miami in MLS is “open to discussions to buy Manchester United”affirms the FinancialTimes. In reality, he does not have the funds to afford the Mancunian club himself, but he intends to discuss with potential buyers… Business to follow.

The historic box of Spain

Spain did not miss its entry on the scene and it is the least that one can say. If you missed it, know that La Roja literally crushed Costa Rica 7-0! A demonstration as we rarely see and which makes ” dream “ the newspaper AS. Inevitably this makes the front page of all the Spanish newspapers as with Mark which evokes a “Brutal Spain” and a start to the World Cup “brilliant” ! Overall, the entire press in the country is dithyrambic! “Ole Ole” can we read on the cover of sport for example. Sports Stadium there goes his compliment and explains having seen a “Pure Roja” for this first match of the World Cup… While on the side of Mundo Deportivoit’s more the side ” Mechanical “ who marked the spirits!

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