Gers. Rugby: the Riscloise Sports Youth in working order before the resumption of the season

the essential
After a hectic off-season on the staff side, but with an almost reduced workforce, the Riscloise Sporting Youth (JSR) is eagerly awaiting the start of the new season.

This is not a palace revolution. Far from it…because like the Risclois in the field, the leaders of the Jeunesse Sportive Riscloise (JSR) like to work in the shadows and in all humility. The problem of this off-season on the side of the edges of the Adour? Work to align competitive teams in Federal 3, always relying on local boys. A sort of little Athletic Bilbao with Gersoise sauce.

On the side of the presidency first: Damien Duffau, former emblematic hooker from Risclois is joined by Julien Bauduz and Christophe Darblade who smoke the place of Serge Père wishing to stop. “Our goal is to continue to serve the club with our ideas and try to energize it, to keep it at this level for as long as possible, even if it becomes more and more complicated to recruit players, explain the presidents of Risclois. Generations have changed, players from outside the club are becoming more and more greedy, and not all young people are ambitious to play in F3. They prefer to go to lower clubs without training too much and be almost guaranteed to play in the final stages. It’s a big problem with our unattractive Federal 3 championship…”

The staff on the sides changes

On the sidelines, a new full staff has been put in place, made up of Jérôme Salvi for the forwards and Jean Dupouy for three-quarters. Known in Astarac, Jérôme Salvi was notably coach of the B team of EAB XV, Marciac and Bassoues before being last year on the bench of Bardos in Federal 3. Jean Dupouy for his part was the coach for the last two seasons of the Portes du Béarn. The staff of team B will be made up of Frédéric Barbierie for the forwards and Philippe Duffau for the back lines.

With a workforce almost identical to last year and hoping for fewer injuries, Riscle’s goal in Federal 3 will be to seek qualification.

Dates to remember

The first league match at Eugène-Robert will take place on September 25 with the reception of Navarrenx (2nd day). A week before, the introduction will take place in Saint-Goin. Regarding the derbies for 2022: trip to Condom on October 9 and to Aire on October 23 and reception of Nogaro on November 6.

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