GOLF: An evening with great fanfare for the 30th anniversary of the Avoise golf course

After the day of competition, a meal was offered to celebrate the birthday of golf and its president. A fireworks display was even set off for the occasion!

This Thursday, August 4, the Avoise golf course celebrated its 30th anniversary exactly, as did its president Jean-Claude Soula.
The afternoon began with a 4-man scramble competition, with a single start at 2 p.m., with 62 players.
It was after their game that the players were able to meet around a meal, accompanied by music from the group of 4 musicians Bluestorm. The atmosphere was very good until the rain came to disrupt the evening. The group had to stop for an hour and the golfers huddled together, waiting for the storm to end. Once these inconveniences passed, the evening was able to resume.

The award ceremony was held during the meal. During this, the director of golf, Alexandre Touget, took the opportunity to ask for the work of his teams (gardeners and reception), volunteers, restaurateurs or even his players, even if the week is not over. He himself was thanked by the sports association for his involvement in golf, as was his grandfather, Jean-Claude Soula, who was celebrating his 75th birthday.
Frédéric Gonçalves, director of the Intermarché du Creusot and Pascal Guinot director of the public works company of the same name, present at this evening, were thanked for their participation in this week of competitions.
So that this 30th anniversary date remains in the minds of those present, a fireworks display was even set off at 11:30 p.m. on the Avoise golf course by Emmanuel Blanc. The event had of course been declared to the prefecture and had been subject to a security check at the start of the evening. The spectators took full eyes and were very satisfied.
The 30 years of golf will end at the end of the last competition over two days, this Saturday and this Sunday.

Julien ZAIDI

Results :
Raw :
1st: BOUVET Claire – BOUVET Patrice – JOLY Lionel – PUECH Georges (-12)
2nd: DESMURGER Alain – DESMURGER Marie-Hélène – BERAUD Henri – BERNIGAUD David (-10)
3rd: FREREJEAN Martine – LAGRANGE Michèle – FREREJEAN Charles-Victor – FREREJEAN Arnaud-Claude (-8)
4th: MAZILLY Guy – UXOL Jean Louis – ULMANN Roger – RENARD Pierre-Jean (-7)

Report :
1st: MICHAUD Marie-Ange – FAILLON Chantal – RAMU A-MARIE – BOSSHARD Josiane. (53 marks)
2nd: RUSTE Jacques – CHOURAQUI Jean-Charles – ROMEU Jean-Pierre – FAILLON André (52 pts)
3rd: BAERISWIL Gilbert – RAMU Gérald – BRAVARD Jean-Jacques – BOSSHARD Francis (50 pts)
4th: GABY Dominique – NAYROU Henri – RAYMOND Christian – PIETROCOLA Jean Claude (50 pts)

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