Golf back to “business”

In France or elsewhere, the rebound in the development of golf has resulted in the end of the health crisis continues. All the indicators are green, starting with the number of members of the French Golf Federation. A great progression which only needs to be confirmed in the months and years to come but which also contrasts with the prospects for professional golf, the contours of which are dotted.

New members in the clubs, growing number of subscribers to practices and other academies, sale of courses, and creations of courses on the rise, purchases and sales of clubs, golf stays in clear rebound, the barometer seems blocked on a sky without cloud, or almost for Monsieur and Madame “Toutinchacun”.

So much for the “fast” side.

On the tail side, the horizon continues to darken. The strategic alliance PGA Tour / DP World Tourthreatened by the emergence of LIVfails to produce beneficial effects.

The acceleration of the loss of attractiveness of the European circuit worries and scares the worst.

Relations between the circuit and tournament promoters have never been so tense.

The French Open at a crossroads

If the recent BMW PGA Championship remains an unmissable fall event that always dresses up, the return to the calendar of the “French” Ouvert after 2 years of absence is done on tiptoe.

A tournament more than a century old that many agree that it deserves an international dimension.

In particular because of his course stamped “Ryder Cup” so often acclaimed by players.

It remains to find the support of a solid and powerful partner like “Genesis”, the title sponsor made in the USA, of the co-sanctioned Scottish Open.

less starry constellation

Easier to write than to do. The dream of seeing the tournament enter a new dimension, that of an extraordinary event worthy of a world championship stage, as was mentioned after the 2018 Ryder Cup, has moved away.

The announcements of the redesign of the PGA Tour do not really encourage optimism. There is no indication that the French Open can quickly follow in Scottish footsteps by benefiting from a double badge with the American circuit.

It is rather back to square one with the now recorded withdrawal of Cazoo.

The DP World Tour, which presides over the destiny of the tournament, continues to be diluted.

Critics and critics, many of its stars have let themselves be seduced by the sirens of LIV.

Garcia, McDowell, Westwood, Kaymer and other Poulter are not likely to repress the fairways of the Albatross anytime soon

Less prestigious but just as talented, the MacIntyre, Stone, Olesen and Pieters are worth more than the relative anonymity that awaits them.

As in Rome last week, they will compete against the few “renegade” of LIV, in the front row will designate Patrick Reed, one of its figureheads, major winner with a blurred image.

Pelley waited around the corner

No doubt a hit on “Captain America” ​​on Sunday is sure to make Keith Pelley’s hair stand on end when it comes time to present him with the trophy.

The Canadian boss of the European Tour preferred to appear at the President Cups but, we hope, will make a detour to Paris this weekend.

If his presence is confirmed, he expects to be assailed with questions regarding the future of the emblematic French Open.

Philip Herman


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