GOLF D’AUTUN: Valentin Bouthière and Martine Laurent win the 10th De Sousa Cup

For his 10th De Sousa Rénovation cup at the Autun golf course, Manu had, as usual, taken care of the organization.
In addition to ordering the sun, as every year, the partner-golfer had invited outside players, doubled the approach competition, added bottles of Porto to the proshop lots, a golf course with the lowest score, offered a hearty and delicious cocktail concocted by Jack and Julien and, of course, brought his good humor to the field and to the awards ceremony.
The sports association is delighted with this long-term partnership, most golfers have already used the services of the entrepreneur De Sousa with satisfaction, they would just like the golfer Manu to find time to participate in other competitions. ..


1st gross man Valentin Bouthière (28)
1st gross Female Martine Laurent (22)
1st series Didier Bouthière (40) Norbert Dupuis (38) François Rousselin (35)
2nd series Mario Gnaedinger (37) Christian Petite (37) Eric Janot (35)
Women’s Series Carole Uhl (40) Evelyne Wirth (35) Julie Petite (30)

Christian Petite (2.76m) and Pierre Rocamora (3.72) won a ham for the best approaches.
Pierre Romagny, guest of the partner who was playing the Autun course for the first time, put his name on the trowel and will return for a lesson with Alexandre Biron.

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Saturday took place the JuniorSérie n° 2 for the children of the golf school.
These 9-hole competitions prohibited by volunteers, are organized by the sports association in addition to Wednesday lessons with the pro, in order to provide young people with the terrain, etiquette, self-refereeing, the rhythm of play, fair play and also to start improving their game index, as Paul Crouzet and Louis Fulgini did this Saturday.
Next Sunday, it is Jacques Gauchery who will award the prizes for the President’s Cup.

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