GOLF – French Championship for 2 senior men’s teams: the last four are known

We now know the last four of the 2022 French championship for 2 senior men’s teams, which is currently taking place on the Golf de la Roseraie course.

These are Golf Bordelais, Golf Club de Lyon, Golf de Rochefort, and Golf International Barrière de La Baule. Champion of France in 2021, Golf Bordelais intends to keep its title but the other big favorite, the Golf Club of Lyon, does not hear it that way. And the two outsiders of the weekend, the Golf de Rochefort and the Golf International Barrière de La Baule hope to create a surprise. Answer Sunday at the twelve strokes of noon.
At the end of the two rounds of the qualification phase disputed Wednesday and Thursday in stroke play, in addition to the four aforementioned clubs, had won the right to continue the adventure the Golf Club de Toulouse-Palmola, the Lyon Salvagny Golf Club, the Golf d’Aix-Marseille, and the Golf de Saint-Cloud, finalist last year.

Saint-Cloud beaten again
This Friday, Golf de Saint-Cloud failed to take revenge and once again had to lose to Golf Bordelais, the Girondins winning the two singles and sharing the foursome with the Ile-de-France for the ultimately outweigh the 2.5 to 0.5 mark. It was on the same score that the Lyonnais of the Golf Club dominated the Provençaux of Aix-Marseille. The last two quarter-finals were closer and gave rise to suspense until the end. With in the end a result of 2 to 1 for the representatives of Golf International Barrière de La Baule and Golf de Rochefort at the expense of their counterparts from Toulouse-Palmola and Lyon Salvagny respectively.
The official proclamation of the results of the qualification phase was made Thursday evening by the director of the tournament Gabriel Peso during the traditional welcome cocktail offered by AS Golf Chalon and attended by the greenkeeper Dominique Marlot and Pierre-Yves Raoult, responsible of the parks and gardens unit of the City of Chalon. In the city of Niépce we know how to receive and the club dear to President Carl Fraselle is no exception to the rule.

A high level board
Gabriel Peso, federal referee, who had by his side Dominique Muller, referee of the Grand Est league, and Michel Corberand, referee of the Bourgogne Franche-Comté league, who in his capacity as head of the arbitration commission appoints President Claude Schatz, had wanted above all to underline the high level of the competition. The representative of the Golf Club de Lyon Chilpéric Martin did not return during the 2nd round a card of 71, that is to say the par, and that of the Golf Bordelais Laurent Rivière did not play the two days only 3 over par to achieve 148 and beat his Lyon opponent with one stroke and his teammate Antoine Larribet and Vincent Paccalin, from Lyon Salvagny, by three strokes. When we know that the hundred or so players in the running only had one day to tame the “eighteen holes” of Saint-Nicolas, we realize the quality of the field for this 2022 edition.

Golf Bordeaux at the top
With a total of 460 and remarkable regularity (230 in each of the two rounds), Golf Bordelais largely dominated the shots played. Leaving the Lyon Golf Club at 14 strokes and the Toulouse-Palmola Golf at 15 strokes. Blows played which may not have smiled on the two teams of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté league, Chailly and Avoise, were finished in the depths of the classification.

Gabriel-Henri THEULOT

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