Golf in eco-responsible mode

The annual general meeting of the Golf-Club Vézac-Aurillac took place at the Château de Salles in the presence of a large audience made up of members and elected municipal officials from Vézac. The moral report of President Jean-Luc Nourrisson highlighted the significant elements for the year 2022, namely: in April, the creation of a slab in order to subsequently set up a marquee there for outdoor receptions; the success of the “Broc golf” event, the Ukraine Solidarity and League Against Cancer charity competitions; in May, the day of the volunteers with the realization of many small works of embellishment; in June, the 30th anniversary of golf; in July, the Maïf and Lion’s Club charity competitions; in August, an introduction to golf for children from underprivileged neighborhoods; in September, a presentation on the eco-responsible and rational management of the water used on the golf course; in October, the organization of the competition “Le jardin de mon grand-père” followed by the meeting of the sports commission.

Note also the departmental competitions between the three golf courses in Cantal, under the aegis of the Territorial Golf Committee of the Auvergne countries, the fact that the Golf club Vézac-Aurillac represented the sport of golf on the occasion of the ten days organized during of the Cantal tour sport intended to introduce more than 30 sporting activities to young people. The driving role of the municipality has been highlighted because of its help and logistical support, the purpose of which is to enhance the golf facilities (musical course, fresco, creation of modern sanitary facilities) and allow it to be extended in good conditions.

Expenditure for the financial year amounted to €229,000, of which €117,000 (ie 51%) was paid for the payment of salaries and expenses of the four employees. The annual subscription, which had been the same for five years, was increased by €10.

The saving of water, in relation with the municipality, constitutes a priority objective which has been concretized by the realization of a drilling, which makes it possible to constitute a reserve. Recovery of rainwater from the watershed was also carried out by the municipality during the creation of the musical path.

During the next two years the course will be modified to become a par 71 (currently par 69), this in order to approach the national standard of golf par 72.


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