Golf is coming to Nintendo Switch Sports on November 28

Golf is coming to Nintendo Switch Sports on November 28. There will even be a survival mode.

Video games today are very often followed by updates. Some come to fix bugs, which is not a bad thing when you know how “botched” launches can be, others add content. This content can sometimes make players want to restart a game completely. For fans of Nintendo Switch Sportsit’s a new sport that is about to land.

Golf is coming to Nintendo Switch Sports November 28

Nintendo Switch Sports is a very nice game that brings the game up to date Sports Wii. However, it lacked certain game modes from the cult game of 2006. One of them will arrive very soon, on November 28 to be exact, the date of deployment of the update which will add golf.

Players will thus be able to discover 21 holes in the series Sports Wii. Besides the classic modes, you can play with family or friends, you can also try a survival mode. Nintendo didn’t give too many details about this game mode, except that you will have to “swing to avoid elimination”. A game system that should be quite similar to the 16-player survival mode of bowling.

There will even be a survival mode

No matter which mode you’re going to try out, you need to securely attach your Joy-Con wrist strap to your wrist before you start swinging in your living room. You don’t want the controller flying out of your hands and crashing into your TV or screen.

Nintendo previously announced that Golf was available in Nintendo Switch Sports this autumn. Big N will therefore stick to its schedule. The company, however, has not confirmed whether boxing or baseball will also arrive. Hopefully that will be the case, to the delight of fans. To be continued !

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