Golf is (finally) coming to Switch Sports at the end of November

Wood, pennants, sand traps and putter… After months of waiting, the owners of the game Change sports for the Nintendo Switch console is finally about to take their first steps on the green. On November 28, golf becomes the seventh sport offered with the title.

Launched on April 29, the game Change sports could already count on six sports: volleyball, badminton, bowling, tennis, soccer and chanbara, a fighting game with swords.

This selection had left the followers of the successful title Sports Wii hungry, especially people who enjoyed his golf game.

Those times are about to change, now that Nintendo is announcing a free update including the sport on November 28th.

Players will be able to follow a 21-hole course, modeled on the one offered on the Wii console.

The big news: a survival golf game mode in which up to eight people participate live. The player who takes the most strokes to enter the ball is eliminated at each hole.

Golf at the coast

Golf games are especially popular on the Switch console, with titles like cursed at golf, golf history and What is Golf. Nintendo has also added the original Mario Golf title, released for the Nintendo 64 system in 1999, to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription with the expansion for classic games. It adds to the new game in the series, Mario Golf: Super Rushlaunched in June 2021.

This major update, originally scheduled for fall, is the second Nintendo has rolled out for its game. Change sports. The first aimed to improve motion controls in soccer using the Joy-Con controller attached to a leg.

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