Golf: Swiss No. 1 Jeremy Freiburghaus reinvigorates Swiss golf


GolfSwiss No 1 Jeremy Freiburghaus reinvigorates Swiss golf

Graubünden will become the first Swiss in 20 years to join the European circuit. While waiting for his promotion to be official, he is aiming for the title at the Swiss Challenge in Saint-Apollinaire, near Basel.

Jeremy Freiburghaus, here at the Crans-Montana Open, hopes to win a tournament this year.

fresh focus

“There’s one more goal I’d like to accomplish this year: winning a tournament.” Jeremy Freiburghaus, the Swiss number one, may see his wish come true over the next few days at the Swiss Challenge in Saint-Apollinaire, Alsace, about fifteen kilometers from Basel (from September 22 to 25).

Even if his promotion on the DP World Tour is only a formality, Jeremy Freiburghaus does not want to project himself on the European circuit of reference as long as his qualification is not official. “I will celebrate when it is now done, after the final in early November in Spain (editor’s note: in Mallorca)”, underlined, on the Swiss Golf site, the 26-year-old Grison in seven top 10s this season on the Challenge Tour, where he currently ranks 7th.

Freiburghaus will then become the first Swiss professional golfer to participate in the benchmark European circuit (renamed the DP World Tour) since the Genevan Julien Clément in 2002. The Genevan golfer played there for two seasons.

“It was here last year that I realized my possibilities”

Jeremy Freiburghaus, on the Swiss Golf website, about Saint-Apollinaire.

While waiting to access it in turn (there are five tournaments left to play on the Challenge Tour), Graubünden wants to make an impression in Saint-Apollinaire, “at home”, on a 36-hole course on which it has always felt comfortable, as he explained on the Swiss Golf website. “It was here last year that I realized my possibilities, with the help of Stuart Morgan (editor’s note: performance director of Swiss Golf). Until then, I was always in the technique, I controlled my swing. Stuart offered me to let go of my shots, to play more intuitively. This is what I have done since the Swiss Challenge 2021 and today it is one of my strengths.

12 Swiss in Saint Apollinaire

The Swiss Challenge will be endowed with 250,000 euros and 132 players will be at the start. In addition to Freiburghaus, eleven other Swiss representatives will take part in the tournament: Jean-Leon Aeschlimann, Nicola Gerhardsen, Michael Weppernig and Marc Keller among amateurs, as well as seven professionals: Mathias Eggenberger, Robert Foley, Joel Girrbach, Daniel Gurtner, Benjamin Rusch, Mauro Gilardi and Cedric Gugler. The last two named making their first appearance among the pros at the same time.

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