Golf VII, the best compact on the market?

In this new episode of La Bonne Occaz, we present to you the most requested compact on the market, the Golf VII Phase 2.

For this fourth episode of La Bonne Occaz, we present to you the most popular compact on the market, the Volkswagen Golf. Sold in more than 6 million units, the Golf VII is a ultra versatile car that always seduces more. In this podcast, we will focus on the Phase II of the Golf VII, sold between 2017 and 2021. And you will see that there are many cases concerning this model.

Volkswagen Golf VII, the best compact on the market?

Regarding the exterior design, the the restyling is quite successful. This Golf is more modern and has more character than the previous version. The front face changes little with a shield that has been reworked, an enlarged logo and redesigned optics. There are also new rims. On the rear face, the fake chrome exhaust outlets give more character to the vehicle and the trunk shield has been slightly reworked.

It is especially inside that the Golf evolves the most with this phase 2 of the 7th generation. There is a 9-inch touch screen, much more modern than the one present on the Phase 1 of the Golf VII. Some models are equipped with Connect or IQ.Drive finishes. They benefit from a 12.3-inch digital display.

Regarding road handling, the Golf VII Phase II is efficient thanks to its extended wheelbase and a reworked chassis. Admittedly, it is not the most dynamic of compacts, but it nevertheless offers great precision in turns and during braking, especially for petrol engines.

Regarding prices, the Golf VII Phase II is listed on the market between €14,000 and €25,000 for thermal models and up to €30,000 for the electric version.

Find out in this fourth episode of the Good Occaz the Volkswagen Golf VII Phase II :

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