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Golfceltrophy. Celtic Nations Trophy (27th edition)

A highlight of golf in Brittany, the Celtic Nations Trophy will bring together a whopping 38 teams on the Pro-Am, i.e. 152 players, which is a great result after the two years of covid. This Thursday, 161 golfers, including 64 first-round players, will set the pace for this weekend, with the individual challenge.

High performing teams

“After two difficult years, the Celtic Nations Trophy will fill up. There will be many Breton teams, performing well in this kind of competition, mixed with teams from Wales, Cornwall and Ireland, which also have arguments to put forward, proudly announces Loïc Dufilhol, member of the collegiate presidency. of this 27th edition of the TNC. We are supported by the region, the department, Lorient-Agglo and the municipalities of Quéven and Ploemeur, which allows us to offer this plateau. »

Brittany in force

By aligning Benjamin Le Drogo (index -0.7), Quentin Calvez (index -0.1) and Alexandre Campeggi (index 0.2), three leading players, the Breton formation of Val-Quéven, led by the pro Xavier Poncelet is a favorite in this edition.

Accustomed to sensitive the Trophy, Arnaud Brien and his horde of Saint-Laurent, composed of Lou Fourdan (idx 2.1), Elie Quernec (idx 3.0) and Zacharie Choquier-Guilbaud (idx 5.1), will contest the supremacy of Val-Queven. Even chosen for the team of Welsh international Joseph Vickery, who will rely on Richard Handy, David Jones and Jonathan Willmore, to try to make the buzz.

For the individual challenge, 64 first series will play at Ploemeur in Strokeplay and 97 revised second and third series at Quéven in Stableford. Among the favorites, the Ploemeurois Dominique Guigueno, the recent winner of the Saint-Laurent senior trophy, Arthur Le Lu (Quéven) and Dagan Evanno (Saint-Laurent).

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