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On July 26, the Agen Bon-Encontre golf course celebrates its oldest, Yvette Malaret.

She just turned 90. Yvette Malaret continues to walk the fairways and greens with enthusiasm and good humor. On July 26, he had to overcome the traps that facetious organizers had concocted for him.

That day, fifty-four golfers took part in the “Malaret Cup”, a friendly and fun competition, before sharing a good meal and helping Yvette blow out her candles.

For many years, a friendly, aptly named Carpe Diem, has brought together more than a hundred golfers from Bon-Encontre and a few nearby clubs.

Each month, an outing is organized on a golf course in the region. Objectives: pleasure to play, to discover other courses, but above all to meet and complete the friendly and social ties within this joyful brotherhood, whose average age is 72 years old.

“Yvette is always faithful to the position and sets an example for everyone!” Says, admiringly, club president Philippe Sasseigne, continuing: “Playing golf is very good for your health and several international studies have shown it. Fighting a sedentary lifestyle and having social ties are key factors for feeling good and developing well-being on a daily basis.

For the past two years, we have set up an annual health-based competition on our golf course: in 2021, the theme was the prevention of cardiovascular risk and we developed recommendations from Pierre Fournier, cardiologist and member of the club.

In July 2022, the theme chosen was the prevention of muscle and joint risks with the participation of Guillaume Fournier, son of the previous and osteopath by trade.

The advice provided was unanimously appreciated and allows everyone to make the most of our beautiful golf course, and of life in general!”

So, if you feel like it, you are expected with pleasure on the heights of Bon-Encontre.

Golf Club Agen – Bon-Encontre – locality “Barre” – 47240 BON-ENCONTRE

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