Great Nancy. The fascination of Mont Ventoux told by Arnaud Caël

After writing a book on Roger Federer, Arnaud Caël has just published a book entitled “Mon Ventoux”. As passionate about tennis as he is about cycling, the 30-year-old lives in Bouxières-aux-Dames with his wife and two children. After obtaining an ES baccalaureate and then a license in Culture Communication at the University of Nancy 2, he graduated from the Nice School of Journalism in 2009.

Freelancer in 2009-2010 at Infosport + and for É, he then joined Mirabelle TV as a journalist and then as deputy editor-in-chief from 2015 to 2019. A sports referent, he notably presents Graoully Mag and the Club House.

Since 2019, he has been making documentaries on the Metz handball club, on Carlo Molinari, the irremovable president of FC Metz, and many others.

Place of vacation or challenge

“My passion for cycling was strongly encouraged by my parents and grandparents. This led me to write this book and, in a way, made it possible to pay tribute to my family”, specifies Arnaud Caël. “While for some it’s a unique vacation spot, for others it’s a once-in-a-lifetime challenge. This is what I wanted to tell, or at least convey in the book, through my experience, but also those who engraved it more or less anonymously. This is not a book centered on champions and the telling of their epics. The evocation of Mont Chauve made him repair the death of Tom Simpson, in 1967, on the slopes of the Giant of Provence, but also the victories of Virenque and Pantani on the Tour.

In 90 pages, Arnaud Caël tells more confidential anecdotes, such as the story of Marthe Hesse, in 1903, the first woman to reach the summit or that of Jean-Pascal Roux, record holder for climbs in 24 hours.

“Mon Ventoux” is available for order on the Internet on all bookstore platforms (Amazon, FNAC, Decitre, etc.).

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