Gruissan Beach Rugby – Peak of happiness in the Mediterranean

The Chalets de Gruissan beach welcomed nearly 1,000 beach-rugby players this weekend. Guests, nice gestures and smiles were there.

Guys, we stick to the plan, we lose the first two games. The sentence is produced by one of the Zouaves of the “Hauts Savoyards” team. It is in this roomy and good-natured spirit that 96 women’s and men’s teams presented themselves on the burning sand of Gruissan (Aude), last weekend.

Like almost every summer, Chalets beach was crowded. Saturday, early in the morning, we saw a few bands of friends along the Grazel canal to flock to the seaside. Direction the grounds of Gruissan Beach Rugby, which celebrated in these last days of July (30 and 31) its seventh editing.

In their outfits of all colors, Audois, Haut-Garonne, Catalans, Varois, Parisians (see opposite) or even Swiss women meet to challenge each other under the dodger mitigated by a very blowing wind, dotting the t-shirts with sand . To the rhythm of the music, announcements by the historic speaker Jérôme Bellon, and whistles from referees in fluorescent yellow, the actors have fun.

Between two sins of gluttony, they offer the public a few “champagne gestures”. Goose steps, chisteras and other volleyed passes abound. Among the thousand players, some rascals even dare to dive in Bryan Habana. ” Not on inflatable structures! “, warns the announcer. Concocted by Aviron gruissanais rugby and the Gruissan Tourist Office, the show remains total.

Jaminet and the Catalan band

In this idyllic setting, a few “guests” even point the tip of their noses, to the delight of the kids who took part in the brand new “minots tournament” on Friday. In addition to the godfather Melvyn Jaminet and the godmother Coco Lindelauf, both busy taking selfies and signing autographs, we recognize the Perpignan strategist Tom Écochard.

The latter came as an accompanist to the slammer Jaminet, with whom he has lunch on the tables of the Paparazzo, in a small corner conducive to relaxation. Neo-Montalbanian winger Jean-Bernard Pujol, another member of the Catalan squad, also made a whirlwind appearance.

“It’s rugby in its freest form”

On Saturday, Damien Chouly was more early in the morning. Straw hat on his head, the former international third line assures: ” Since the time I was a sponsor, this event has grown. “And to add:” What I like is that it’s rugby in its freest form. The rules are quite accessible, it’s touch, we’re on the beach, it’s hot… All that is good for the show. We come with friends, and we enjoy ourselves. »

An observation shared by amateurs from various countries. ” We arrived from Saint-Raphaël, Nice and Toulouse to enjoy the weekend with friends, play rugby, and partysmiles Élodie, her eyes riveted on a women’s match. It’s family and friendly, we room nicely, and everyone talks with everyone. »

For the most part, shields and qualifications for the finals of the French championship therefore proved to be only a pretext. In Cathar Country, rugby was not without partying.

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