H2O RADIO – ANNECY | Tennis: Did you know? Annecy clubs play alongside the elite


ANNECY | Tennis: Did you know? Annecy clubs play alongside the elite

PUBLISHED ON 24/11/2022 by Auriana Castro – 15 views

Annecy Tennis and the Tennis Club Annecy le Vieux (TCAV), are respectively in Pro B and Pro A. The equivalent of leagues 2 and 1 in football.

Of the 24 best teams nationally, two clubs are from Annecy. Annecy Tennis and the Tennis Club Annecy-le-Vieux or TCAV, are respectively in pro B and pro A. The equivalent of leagues 2 and 1 in football.

On Wednesday November 23, 2022, the TCAV players faced Loon-Plage, vice-champion of France last year, at home.

Two matches are played on one side and the other of the room. On each side, the public is attentive, follows each exchange with their eyes and encourages the players. Among these supporters, one of the most fervent is the president of the Tennis Club Annecy-le-Vieux, Marc Desmoulin. He says : “Before being leaders, we are amateurs, passionate about tennis, beautiful games, high level and when we are lucky enough to see that from a few centimeters away, at home, it is always a pleasure. »
He pursues : “As leaders of the flagship clubs of the city of Annecy, we are obviously happy to be able to touch the elite and offer the best. in terms of team matches. »

More equally surprising, at first sight, the president of the Annecy Tennis club, came to watch the matches and encourage the athletes. Cyril Duret explains: “There is a real synergy between our two clubs. We share a lot of emotions… the supporters, the players. It is so that tennis shines globally on the city, in Haute-Savoie and then even at the level of the region. »

With six clubs in the new town and more than 3,800 members, tennis has certainly found its audience in Annecy. Better, for Cyril Duret, “Annecy is a land of tennis”.

For the two clubs, small thumbs in their division, it is a source of pride and a first that they want to succeed. But the two presidents are cautious. Their objective is to avoid the last place in the championship and to stay in their respective league: “We arrive both with desire but also with humility. If we already support each other, it will be a great achievement. We are going to fight and do everything to sell our little thumb skin dearly. »
In Pro B the same desire, especially since the opposing teams also have something to impose: “All the teams that cannot play in Pro A, find themselves in Pro B. Some teams like the TCP, the Tennis Club of Paris which has come back down… so Gilles Simon. Nicolas Mahut, Davis Cup players play matches. We arrive in Pro B in all humility and we learn. »

The next home matches will take place on Saturday November 26 for Annecy Tennis, and December 3 for TCAV. Last day of championship. We will then know whether the Annecy clubs will keep their position or not.

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