Handball: a great day for Millavoise women

On Sunday, the seniors spent a round in the Coupe de France (departmental level). They dominated Montagnac (26-16).

The stands of the Puits-de-Calès were well stocked on Sunday for the second round of the Coupe de France. The Millavoises received Montagnac and did not take long to gain the upper hand over their opponent of the day. In the first period, the Millavois slowly took a five-point lead at the break (12-7).

In a good atmosphere, they continued on their creation, in particular thanks to a good defense and good saves from Léa Bernal in goal (16 in total).

The gap is finally river, they end the meeting with 10 lengths ahead of Montagnac (26-16, final score). They will therefore play the third round of this competition.

They continue on their good series after their victory in the championship against Juvignac last week. In the league, they will go to Lodève next weekend.

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