Handball. A perilous trip for Soultz to Pont-à-Mousson

The Pont-à-Mousson team has a victory (by a small goal…) and a defeat (by a small goal…) at the start of the N3 season.

Soultz is also struggling to find the right carburation at the moment. But there is no doubt that the work produced with all the new players, who must mingle with the old ones, will start to bear fruit.

Far from his bases and from the Alsatian microcosm which did not succeed at Soultziens, Jean-Michel Bertrand will know how to re-motivate his troops to get on the right trajectory of this National 3 group and bring back a result from Pont-à-Mousson.

The other meetings

This weekend is also the start of the reserve championship team which always plays in regional honor. Franck Ruhlmann, who is in charge of this team this year, can count on a good core of players and start on a good basis this season.

The formation of Marlenheim was not in the pool of Soultz last year and it is therefore an unknown opponent that the players of Florival will face, but the Soultziens will be determined to start on the hats.

The club is still recruiting young people

The – 18 will play, for their part, as a curtain raiser against Molsheim which is a big “piece”. Indeed, visitors to inflict a +30 to their opponents of the past week! The young people of Thibaut Federlen will therefore have a lot to do to gain respect in their room.

Next week, the young -11, -13 and -15 will all enter their championship. There are still places for young boys born in 2008 or 2009 (- 15) and in 2014 or 2015 (- 9) for young people called to join the ranks of Soultz handball.

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