Handball: against Billère, Frontignan does not let go and remains undefeated at home

The Héraultais, battered in the first period, were able to reverse the trend this Friday, September 23 (29-28).

The FTHB once again makes Ferrari tremble. From fear at times, but above all from joy. From the start, the visitors took the lead (2-4) but Alexandre lit a first fuse, accelerated and allowed his team to move to 7-5.

The duel continued. Labro multiplied the stops for Billère and the local defense conceded too many spaces (11-14). Once again, Frontignan came back by applying on the pedal (14-14) but the break arrived on the score of 15-17, after a stoppage by Mesnard at the last second…

Mesnard and Alexandre, heroes of the evening

Ayhan Alexandre, author of a great match.
FREE LUNCH – Jérôme Belluire

The muscatel guardian had perhaps just freed himself with this important intervention. Still, the rest of the match would bear his signature. While the scoreboard was 20-20, Mesnard had already saved five shots in the second half, then a sixth at 22-20, then handed over to Alexandre the task of changing the course of the match in attack.

Because if the Frontignan goalkeeper behaved like a hero, his teammate was far from being outdone. At the finish (23-20), the pass on Léon (24-20) or even on the counter-attack (25-21), the center half literally carried the FTHB on his shoulders.

The joy of coach Asier Antonio and his goalkeeper Kévin Mesnard.

The joy of coach Asier Antonio and his goalkeeper Kévin Mesnard.
FREE LUNCH – Jérôme Belluire

This did not prevent visitors from remembering, you need a little suspense (25-25). But as the danger became clearer, Laurens set the fire by restoring the advantage to his team (26-25), followed in particular by Scotto who did not tremble when it was necessary to score on penalty (29-27).

Almost two minutes from the end, the difference was made. Because the defense watched over the grain and caused a loss of ball from the yet effective Mengon.

After three days, the promoted frontignan remains undefeated at home. And begins to make a name for himself in Proligue.


► Frontignan THB………29
► Biller………………28

Henri-Ferrari Gymnasium
About 650 spectators
Half time: 15-17

Referees: Mrs Grosjean and Mrs Pauthier

Frontignan: Alexandre (6 goals), Isnard (1), Camara (1), Oliveras (5), Bellahcene (3), Laurens (2), Gaillard (1), Giraudeau (2), Canton (1), Scotto (3, on penalty), Leon (2), Hiele (2).
Stops: Mesnard (12).
Two minutes : Isnard (14th), Oliveras (14th), Hiele (37th), Leon (51st).

Biller: Lefebvre (2 goals), Reig (3, including a penalty), Vergely (7), Tarrico (1), De La Salud (4), Mengon (7), Tournellec (3), Cohn (1).
Stops: Wrasse (10).
Two minutes : Epland (23rd).

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