Handball. Alan Santos: ‘I’m living the best moment of my career’

Alan Santos, Caen Handball’s very expressive goalkeeper, has had an excellent start to the season. ©Aline Châtel

He radiates, Alain Santos. At Caen Handball, impossible to ignore his big communicative smile. The goalkeeper is described as “solar” by club president Thomas Lamora. “I’m more electric, I’m more into energy”, confirms the last bastion of the Vikings in French with a Brazilian accent.

Joy of life and performance

Energy is a theme dear to this father from Sao Paulo. “Transmitting good energy is important,” he says. It’s very cliché, but it’s true! Alan Santos tackles it on a daily basis in a team where his good humor is unanimous. “Alan, it’s a bit like the idea we can have of Brazil,” Jordan Allais confided to us last season.

His joie de vivre is accompanied by an ideal start to the season. Alan Santos was decisive in his team’s first three successes. After stopping the 11 out of 18 shots against Besançon, penalties excluded, he broke 13 saves in Nancy. Four consecutive parries in the money time propelled the Caen victory.

An irregular first season

After a checkered first season, where the tensions of the returning phase probably weighed heavily on the empathetic doorman, Alan Santos is starting very strong. His average save percentage went from just 29% at the end of the last exercise to 39%.

I am happy. My goal is to be more consistent than last season. This is the key for me to continue my career. The last season was very important for me because it was my first in France. She was pretty good but it’s very important that I do better this year.

Alain Santos
Alan Santos, the goalkeeper of the Vikings of Caen (Calvados), was selected for the first time in the Brazilian team, for the Pan-American championships 2022.
Alan Santos became a Brazilian international thanks to his performances with the Vikings. ©Nicolas Claich

France, a progression

A goalkeeper since the age of 14, after starting without much talent – in his words – on the pitch, Alan Santos left Brazil at the age of 28 to try his luck in Portugal. “I wanted to finish my studies before leaving,” he explains. If it went badly in Europe, I accepted and found work. I studied logistics, nothing to do with sport! »

His three Portuguese seasons defined the eye of Caen Handball in the spring of 2021. Alan Santos seized the opportunity by signing a two-year contract.

Coming to France was a progression. Currently, it is the best moment of my career.

Alain Santos

The Brazilian international does not intend to stop there. The upper level, he dreams of it. “It’s everyone’s goal, but we’re taking it step by step… It’s a difficult process. »

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“People who don’t know me think I’m crazy”

No headache from the native of São Paulo. “Today is more important than tomorrow. It’s a life philosophy for me. “A little “loco” (crazy) in his cage, Alan Santos adapted easily to French life. “People who don’t know me think I’m crazy. I talk a lot, I’m very outgoing, but I’m totally different at home. I am very calm. »

The elastic Alan Santos will try to confirm his cannon ename, Sunday October 2, 2022 in a Palais des Sports which promises to be garnished against Frontignan. By releasing its energy in an expressive way with each parry.

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