Handball: “An articulated, restrictive but exhilarating season” for Frontignan THB

Co-president Sylvain Pelegrin discussed the main lines of the return to Proligue.

They had an exceptional adventure during this 2021-2022 season. But the muscatiers handball players are not yet at the end of the road. In a few weeks, the FTHB will return to the Proligue. For the first time in its history.

A very precise specification

And you will have to be there. In constant progression over the past few years, which has led it from N3 to the antechamber of the highest national level, the club cultivates know-how that has proven itself and can therefore move forward with confidence. However, the switch to the professional level is a new challenge. “We are now in a well-defined framework, where everything is standardized,” says Sylvain Pelegrin, who will not have taken a vacation this summer. “It’s good but you lose autonomy. Afterwards, you have the impression that there are only constraints, but it’s still reassuring to have benchmarks. And the advantage is that gives us credit with the communities. From now on, the other interlocutor is the National Handball League. We stop saying that it is a view of the spirit of the leaders, we are now in a very precise specification .”

new employees

The FTHB will therefore have to adapt and learn to move forward in this new setting. “Are we going to get there? We question ourselves every day. But I believe that doubt allows us to stay awake. We know that this season must be transitional. Once we have passed it, with the maintaining at the end of course, it will be much less complicated. It’s a pivotal season, particularly exhilarating.”

For this, it was not a question of professionalizing only the sports ranks. Sylvain Pelegrin, Jean Garait and their managing director Benjamin Curabet are building, stone by stone, solid foundations for their FTHB. “We recruited new employees. Six full-time and four alternating to join the twenties already in office (Editor’s note: players included). These are people who have gas, repartee, ”continues the co-president. “It’s not just the Proligue players, there’s a whole structure behind it and that’s one of the keys that will allow us to take the leap.”

The revitalized amateur sector

A structure whose leaders have not forgotten the primary essence. “You could fear that the gap between amateurs and pros would grow. But we recruited Marina Zini to be in charge of the whole amateur sector. We didn’t want people to be endowed only by the professional world. Marina will therefore to energize this entire amateur sector, because the FTHB is not just a Proligue team. We are nearly 500 members, we obviously do not exist only for the pros.”

A healthy club, perfectly organized and with a long-term vision, the FTHB has a clear horizon ahead of it.

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