Handball. At Caen Handball, the new game project requires a lot of preparation

Roch Bedos is entering his fourth season at the helm of Caen Handball. ©Hilde van Herwijnen / Caen Handball

While others are still lounging, the Vikings sweat already in big drops. Like every year, the Caen Handball is the first non-football team to have resumed training in the agglomeration. His first official match against Nîmes, resident of Starligue, from September 6 or 7, 2022.

“We are in the nails”

The first two weeks of recovery are not a cakewalk for the Caennais. Alongside the five handball sessions granted over the 15 days represent a large athletic part. “We are in the nails of what we had set ourselves, explains Roch Bedos. We are moving into the second week. The physical aspect is very important but we are gradually getting into the basics of the game project.” A game project where there will be a lot of running. Many, quickly and often.

This season even more than the previous ones, the level of Caen will be intimately linked to the physical condition of the protagonists. Hence the importance of this often thankless period. “Physical preparation is important because if we want to compensate for our little lack of experience with an ambitious game, a game carried forward, we have to be in optimal physical condition. That’s all the work we’re doing today, in order to be able to repeat the intense efforts. »

Sébastien Poirot on top at the VMA

Homogeneity is not yet in order, behind an unstoppable Sébastien Poirot at the VMA test, but the whole meets the expectations of the Caen staff. “From a more homogeneous group upwards”, appreciates Roch Bedos. The latter must sometimes curb the enthusiasm of a team largely rejuvenated in the off-season.

When people have the will to bite into the ball, I’m more likely to say “slow down” than “accelerate”. They do a lot. They are eager to very quickly form an important nucleus. It works.

Roch Bedos

Nevertheless, it will be necessary to wait for the first friendly matches to “put the course on where we are” as the workforce and the game plan have changed. Caen will play from August 10, 2022 in Cesson, then three days at home in front of Lanester. “We start earlier than usual. The idea is to be able to solve problems very quickly, if there are any, and to create automatisms. »

Raise the question marks

Caen is not part of a blank slate, after a season made up of highs (in the first legs) and lows (in the return legs), but a new chapter is to be written. “The objective will obviously be to do better than last year. We build ourselves. There are necessarily question marks. The preparation must allow to lift as much as possible.

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