Handball: at the FTHB, recruitment that enriches the team without affecting its identity

The group, which starts the season on September 6, will rely on youth and experience.

The presidents of Frontignan THB, Sylvain Pelegrin and Jean Garait, quickly agreed with Asier Antonio Marcos. No mercenary, the recruitment had to privilege the head and the legs. “If Nikola Karabatic had called us, we would have thought about it!”, specifies Sylvain Pelegrin. “But we didn’t look for the star. Rather, players likely to flourish and have fun at this level. We kept a lot of players who were organized professionally and we took others who come to integrate into a collective.”

Don’t touch DNA

In order to best stick to the state of mind dear to the FTHB, the recruits are therefore, for the most part, players who have already evolved together. “We have Maxime Isnard who was trained in Montpellier, Adria Leon and Pau Oliveiras. Three players who have already worn the same colors and who are between 20 and 24 years old. There is also Nathy Camara, a very promising kid who knows la Proligue, Guénolé Gaillard who is the only one we didn’t know but who was warmly recommended to us, or even Nassim Bellahcene who comes from Massy and who is a member of the family. We are on young people who know the Proligue, even the Starligue. The old ones will in fact be those who stayed. We enrich the group, by doing everything not to lose our identity. It is the difficult exercise of the passage from the amateur world to the professional. We are told from the National 3 that we won’t get there like that. But we’re sticking to it. We’ll see the truth on the ground but, today, I’m like a kid in front of his Christmas tree.”

The FTHB is growing, is now expanding into professional spheres, but does not intend to touch its DNA. This Tuesday, August 2, the clock showed 11 p.m. at Adria Leon. Sylvain Pelegrin and the club’s treasurer (who is also his brother-in-law) were on hand to repair the player’s washing machine… Did you say family club?

Resumption of September 6 at Ferrari

Asier Antonio Marcos’ side will start strong this season. On Tuesday September 6, she will indeed receive Limoges, resident of Starligue, for the Coupe de France. And three days later, it will host Sarrebourg for the opening of the championship. Two large posters to get straight into the bath.

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