Handball. Caen is still creating a sensation in Nancy!

Kiko and the Vikings are making a strong impression at the start of the season! ©Aline Châtel

To have fallen in a friendly match against Caen, to have probably seen the images of the two previous successes of the Vikings, Nancy was warned. Never, however, the Nancy could not have imagined conceding 20 goals in one half against this young Norman squad. This is what happened in the first act of the match played on Thursday September 22, 2022 at the start of the third day of Proligue (31-35).

A favorable pace in Caen

After a rather balanced start to the match (5-6, 10′), Caen Handball accelerated to break away for the first time (5-11, 14′). “There was a very high pace of entry, explains Roch Bedos. Nancy needed reassurance. They had counted on players that we had not seen in the previous 7 base. They wanted to see if we could withstand this intensity. We assumed a lot of goals from quick engagements etc., but we always scored. »

A still perfect plan

The match rocked for the first time at the heart of this initial act. “They started to be a little less precise, we tightened the defense and Alan (Santos) made very good saves. Gradually, on a disrupted their defensive system in a surgical way. What we had imagined happened in our favor, with enormous success on the offensive level. Deprived of her titular goalkeeper, seriously injured the week before, Nancy suffered the plasters. Caen was shooting almost 90% in the first half. Exceptional!

Kiko is very strong

This is how at the break, under the leadership of Yannis Mancelle and Francisco Pereira, known as Kiko, the gap was very substantial (13-20, 30′). The Portuguese, author of a remarkable 8/9 in shooting, is one of the strong men of this start to the season. “It turned out to be essential, recognizes Roch Bedos. He totally integrated into the group and its way of life. On two completely different half-centers, Hugo (Jullian) as an impact player, Kiko in the distribution, while being able to take the game on his own. »

Nancy equalized

The setup changed quite drastically in the second half. “Our ename is a little sluggish, without us exploding. And then, over a period when we no longer score anything, we lose ball after ball. “Nancy rushes into Caen errors to the point of equalizing: 29-29. The former Starligue resident seemed to have recovered the momentum, but that was without taking into account Alan Santos. With four consecutive stops, the Brazilian was responsible for disgusting the opponent. “He closes the shop, Gauthier (Crepel) scores and Kiko puts on the last banderillas. »

Caen sole leader

Once again, Caen was able to rely on a last effective rampart. Once again, it was the Norman team that made the difference.

The victory was difficult in the second half but well built overall. This is the first success outside against a big one. We felt it was doable.

Roch Bedos

The meeting having been played the day before the other Proligue matches, Caen is the only leader for 24 hours. “Let’s take advantage of the present moment”, smiles his trainer. The weekend will be mild before plunging into the reception of Frontignan.

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CAEN: Vedié, Allais 3, Mancelle 4, Ermolenko, Deschamps 6, Crépel 4, Jullian 4, Abily, Pereira 8, Poirot, Lakbi 2, Slassi. GB: Santos 13/33 and Gehin 1/10.

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