Handball: facing the Nantes leader, Fenix ​​​​Toulouse wants to remain sovereign at home

the essential
After having obtained the scalp of Paris – Saint-Germain at the start of the season, Toulouse will have to be at least as strong today to bring down the Nantes leader.

This is undoubtedly the wish most often expressed at the start of the season by all the characteristics of the club: to make the Sports Palace a famous “impregnable citadel”. Philippe Dallard, the president, sees in it the opportunity to retain his public, said public the opportunity to feel important for his players and allowing the players to prolong as long as possible a series of invincibility which is as galvanizing as it is rewarding in terms of points.

A virtuous circle that Toulouse have managed to extend beyond the reception of Paris – Saint-Germain on September 25 (35-27), which is no small feat when you welcome the eight-time champion of France in title, winner in particular of his 30 matches of the last season. One might think the hardest accomplished but to cultivate this sweet feeling of invulnerability at home there are still one or two renowned behemoths to be well received.

The most threatening comes forward tonight: the “H”. Only one defeat in the last thirteen games played in France. Undefeated in Toulouse since 2016 (4 wins and 1 draw), the Nantes are today in the eyes of all the followers best placed to break the Parisian hegemony on the championship. A costume they have also carved out by competing with the best in the Champions League since 2018 and their defeat in the final in the greatest of European competitions.

More than 34 but average at home

Faced with this armada, Danijel Andjelkovic’s men have arguments and first of all this confidence mentioned above: Fenix ​​​​have not lost at home since June against Aix-en-Provence (29-33 ). With an average of more than 34 goals scored per game, his offensive strike force is a threat to any defense. Nemanja Ilic, the second top scorer in the championship, has been stringing together high-flying performances for several weeks and Jef Lettens is the best goalkeeper in the championship in the number of saves. Less sovereign during the last setback at Saint-Raphaël (7 saves at 21%) the Belgian is not used to missing out twice in a row and this is also bad news for the Nantes gunners.
So, this series: stop or again?

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