Handball / N1M elite: the Canaries on appeal

Last Saturday in Billère, against a great team from Vénissieux, Michel Laborde’s men had a drink. “When you have 16 misses at 6 meters and you offer the goalkeeper stimulus balls, you cannot exist” regrets the PNS coach. In fact, the 39 goals conceded are more to be attributed to a failing attack than to that of an otherwise exemplary defense on the attacks placed it had to manage.

2 opportunities to seize

Is the evil deep? “We showed indiscipline at times, in particular by not respecting the baseline, but all of that can be erased if we work well” prefers to temper the coach. Nevertheless, time is already running out a bit. If by chance the Noustysiens still trip over the carpet during the next two meetings (this Saturday in Dreux and next weekend against Lanester, in the hall of Asson), they will be at 0 out of 5 before chain 3 moves due to meeting inversions. Suffice to say that the carrots, without being irretrievably cooked, would specifically begin to soften.

Without Victor Diaz-Diez or Paul Falguière, but with the returns of Nathan Terrasse and Florian Miegebielle, the Canaries will try in Eure-et-Loir to put out the fire under the casserole.

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