Handball, running lessons, slackline, tennis… In Prades-le-Lez, sport is not lacking in talent

Midi Libre has decided to highlight the sportsmen and women of the thirty municipalities of the Metropolis. Since October 17 and until December 13, you will find insights into this abundant universe which, all sports combined, bring together a very large number of followers. Some are looking for performance, others the pleasure of moving, but all have their place! Without, however, aiming for completeness.

Handball: when a family club meets the highest level

With 250 members, Prades-le-Lez Handball is one of the driving forces behind the town’s sporting life. What’s more, because his flag team moves up to the 4th national level (in National 2 for men) after having won, undefeated, the title of French champion of National 3 for the season.

“They train three times a week and only get small firsts of victoriesreveals Anne Vincent-Fagot, the president of the club. In its hen 8, the Pradean Lions rub shoulders with cities much larger in size than ours, and this, without being cold in the eyes.”

The president/volunteer, who no longer counts her hours, confirms: “We are a small club that lives on institutional subsidies and a few sponsors, such as Intermarché, for a total budget of around one hundred thousand euros. We are a family club that tries to train players.”

There is something for all ages, from baby hand to very high level, as described, through an agreement with Saint-Gély for the women’s part, to leisure and adapted sport with a Hand’ensemble team. for people with a psychiatric disability.

A school of gold and silver

It should be noted that the hand school obtained the label or for the quality of its training and the silver label for what is refereeing. “In addition, all the supervisors are salaried with six coaches on fixed-term contracts and one employee on permanent contracts. This helps to retain them. “, says the president.

It starts with the first of all, Elie Blottière, who remained at the club despite more interesting offers, who managed to unite a competitive group a few weeks after his accession to the next level. It is made up of players who come to study in Montpellier, sometimes young people expelled from the MHB and players from surrounding clubs. Some are doing all the floors like Romain Froc at the moment, but it’s rare “, confirms Anne Vincent-Fagot.

The mayonnaise has obviously taken hold: a third of the championship, the PHB clings to the podium with four wins in seven games and is regularly sold out during home games!

Running: ”Charlot” is the mascot!

Dominique Prabonneau, 81, is the mascot of Les Foulées Pradéennes.

At 81, Dominique Prabonneau, alias ”Charlot”, is the mascot of the Foulées Pradéennes. Member of the very honorable Master 9 category, he never misses the opportunity to contest a race.

“He’s a runner attached and a bit of a joker, always in a good mood, who has been running for thirty years. During the past season, he ran no less than 35 competitions, including 29 times 1st in his category”, testifies Christophe Lagneau, president of the very active and friendly association.

First rower then cyclist, Charlot “does not take himself seriously” and has really retired there. “I try to go and train for 1 hour three times a week.” Next meeting: the climb of the Pène, in Galargues!

Slackline: Athletes on a wire

The club has around 20 members.

The club has around 20 members.
DR – Manuel Brossard

Two clubs separate from the Halle des Sports on the only evening when the hand does not occupy it: the climbing club and the Slackline club: Slackadditc.

Twenty licensees are supervised by athletes from the region who “come to help by sharing their knowledge in order to gain autonomy”, reveals Jean Yanne Chaudet, former president of an association led by Manuel Brossard helped, in particular, by Valentin Huet, European jumpline champion. “We have several types of ropes, more or less long which allow us to vary the height and the tension”, details the former athlete.

The equipment, installed in some 30 minutes by the members, gives a new aspect to the hall, the tempo of which is ensured by the jumps of Valentin. All this in addition to outings to the river or the cliff, to challenge the highline…

The tennis club is seeded!

It is not in all municipalities that a tennis club has more members than a football club! For more than 10 years, the TC Prades-le-Lez has been the largest sports association in the town.

With 363 members in 2021, the club is very rooted and involved: it works with primary schools in Prades for initiation cycles of 6 to 8 weeks.

No wonder that 200 children are enrolled in the tennis school. Enough to justify the creation of two additional courts (6 in all), where more than 90% of adults take courts!

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