Handball. The Fleury Loiret Handball club on the verge of bankruptcy

Fleury Loiret Handball, a club in the town of Fleury-les-Aubrais (Loiret) now has 24 hours to find 200,000 euros or risk filing for bankruptcy. (©Illustration/Actu.fr)

To find €200,000it’s the almost impossible mission of the club Fleury Loiret Handball.

If this amount is not distributed to the club within 24 hours, the club president Fleury-les-Aubrais (Loiret), will appear this Friday, November 25 to Orleans Commercial Court in order to file the company’s balance sheet.

In a press release, the club announces that the French Handball Federation, the Women’s Handball League and the Centre-Val de Loire Handball League together deplore “the brutal decision of the Métropole d’Orléans to refuse the exceptional grant of 100,000 euros at Fleury Loiret Handball currently in Women’s Division 2″.

A denied grant

Nearly a week ago, during the Orleans Metropolitan Council, an exceptional grant of 100,000 euros was refused at Fleury Loiret Handball.

This decision, the club cannot accept it because, according to him:

“The Metropolis had nevertheless committed itself in writing, and on several occasions, in particular with the authorities of handball. This decision doomed the future of a women’s club whose attachment to the territory and its undeniable contribution in terms of the influence of the territory, of promotion of women’s sport or even training young players, ”continues the club in its press release.

16 jobs at risk

The disappearance of Fleury Loiret Handball would also imply the loss of 16 jobs but also the end of the activity of the training center of the club (8 players under agreement).

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The training sector developed in partnership with the Pôle Espoir of the Center Val de Loire League with the opportunity for young players to benefit from a dual sporting and educational path would also be in danger.

It would also be the end of the story for the Feline Handball Academy“this agreement which today binds several handball clubs in the Orleans metropolitan area and which offers the possibility to many young players to evolve in the highest national levelin a coherent course of sporting excellence”.

According to information from our colleagues from France Bleu Orléans, a meeting was to take place with Serge Grouardthe president of Orléans Métropole, but the latter would have canceled at the last moment.

Contacted, the Orleans metropolis did not respond either. To be continued…

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