Handball: the Raphaëlois want to shake the nets in Nîmes this Friday evening

Like our Raphaëlois, the live Internet of the National Handball League (NHL) will therefore not have lasted more than half-time, last Friday, in the Glaz Arena in Cesson-Rennes. And a week after the crash of its direct, the League has still not published the statistics for the first loss (28-24) of the Raphael season.

A blessing in disguise, you will tell us, as these data after applied on the court still today, obviously have nothing flattering for the men of Benjamin Braux. Raphaëlois passed through their first trip of the season in Starligue.

“We weren’t focused enough”

So obviously, the Braux players came across an Arnaud Tabarand in “heat” in the Breton cage. And of course, the Cessonne rampart pulled out a few high-class saves, like this monstrous parade on its line after a shot from Arthur Vigneron (21-19, 52nd) which remains one of the rare satisfactions of this trip to Brittany.

But in a Glaz Arena which did not ask for so much, Adrien Dipanda’s partners especially multiplied the failures in shooting, and helped the Cessonne goalkeeper to warm up. “He played a very good game, everything was successful for him and, at the finish, he is at least 50% (45% according to Braux) stops, which is rare at this leveljudge today Raphaël Caucheteux. But we weren’t concentrated enough in the last gesture and if we remove the missed shots, we’re in the game.”, plague the left winger of the SRVHB who made his return that evening, after an injury to the adductors. With probably a little too many ants in the legs…

“I know I will bounce back”

This match, I may have played it too much in advance”, explains Caucheteux, who until his team’s success against Limoges at the opening of the championship, had only missed one Starligue meeting in his career. In eighteen seasons among professionals. A longevity which allows the Raphaëlois striker not to panic and to take a lucid look at this poor performance.

“I was not focused enough on the finish, I was enough in the last gesture and it reminds me that nothing is acquired”continues the one who did not remember having finished a match without a single one but on his counter since “at least three years”. But who therefore failed to open his counter in the Glaz Arena. “I questioned myself and I know that I will bounce back, today promises the top scorer in the history of the Starligue (2,228 goals). And we have to, because we’re going to face big names (Nantes will be in Saint-Raphaël on October 2 and the SRVHB will go to Montpellier on October 9). We will have to raise the level”.

On wishes. As we hope the League will also raise its own. Because since the start of the season, his new site has still experienced serious failures.


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