Handball: the Toulonnaises punished by Dijon

In the penalty game, Dijon punished Toulon. This Friday evening, for their fourth game of the LFH season – the third at the sports hall, the JDA swept the TMV 38 to 28. The Burgundians notably widened the gap in the score in the middle of the first period, taking advantage of almost each ball loss or Toulon approximation.

Not to mention the very quick commitments of the JDA, which made wonderful use of the new rule put in place this season on the grounds of LFH or even Starligue (1). “We knew that with this rule of rapid entry, they were going to put on their speed. We took too long to react, lamented Stéphane Plantin, coach of the TMV, at the final whistle. Especially since almost every loss of ball was fatal to us. They had the rotation to impose this rhythm on us, of course, but to suppose that we had to adapt better. We did not run enough, we hide too much.

1. New face-off zone: after conceding a goal, the player must no longer perform the throw-in with one foot on the halfway line. Now, this execution can be done in a four-meter throw-in area and on the move.


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