Handball. Who is Roan Safel, the 18-year-old back who stacks the goals at Cherbourg B?

Roan Safel (18) scored 10 goals on Saturday in the victory of JS Cherbourg “B” against Houilles. (©Nadine DJEBBAR)

Here is five things to know about Roan Safel (18), an essential link in the reserve of JS Cherbourg (Manche), arrived this summer in the Nord-Cotentin.

1- He is from Guyana

Roan Safel was born 7,000 kilometers from Cherbourg. He was born in February 2004 in Cayenne, in Guyana. As a child, he quickly developed a passion for the handball ball, and he was still only a schoolboy when he entered the hopes pole of Guadeloupe.

Despite his young age, he does not hesitate to leave his family to start training that can lead him to his dream: to become a professional handball player in the footsteps of Luke Tobya Guyanese (34 years old) who plays today in Nîmes (271 matches in D1).

2- He is an atypical right-back

This summer, Roan Safel came to settle in France for the first time in his life. It’s at Cherbourg he has settled down, integrating the new training center set up by the JSC.

Left-handed, powerful, not very tall for the rear position (1.82 m), he has an atypical profile that appeals to Benoit Jambry. “Athletically, he’s a ball of muscles, he goes to the duel upwind, he’s a valiant”, observes the director of the center.

3- He is one of the top scorers

If the JSC reserves have a good start to the season, Roan Safel is no stranger to it. The right-back is the team’s top scorer with 47 goals (5.8 per game) including 10 on Saturday against coal.

“He is also capable of shooting from a distance,” remarks Benoît Jambry, a trainer who wants to see him progress “in defense and on ball outings. »

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4- He trains with the Proligue team

As soon as he arrived in Cherbourg, the Guyanese was integrated into the pro group. He first participated in the preparation meetings, in the 1st round of the French Cup in Ivry then logically settled in the hierarchy in number 3 at the right-back position behind Antoine Leger and Mauricio Basualdo.

“He trains all week with the Proligue team in order to be ready in case the coach calls on him. “At the end of October, Roan Safel also scored when he entered against Tremblay.

5- He specializes in beach handball

The left-hander could very quickly wear the blue jersey of theFrench team. That of beach handball. “Thanks in particular to his jumping qualities, he was spotted by the Federation, he did an internship in July”, learns Benoit Jambry about his player who is preparing, at the IUT of Cherbourg, his entry into a nursing school.

And turn pro? “Since he has a different profile, he can integrate a workforce if a desired coach complementarity on the rear base, ”predicts his trainer.

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