Handball: Zibero vs Fénix, a trip to count triple?

“Last season, we had…

“Last season, we managed two entry hold-ups, which showed us that we could win on the outside,” recalls Baptiste Etchandy with a little nostalgia. This year, the trigger has not yet taken place. Far from the image of a committed, united and enterprising team that the Zibero shows at home, the services outside Soule are currently unable to hope for anything positive.

However, after the great resistance displayed against Chambéry last weekend despite many absentees, the Tarsetsian coach hopes that his boys will finally be able to let go on the move: “Unlike last season, the Fenix ​​training center is slow to start his season, even if he remains on a good performance in Lyon (22-22). They’re not too far ahead of us in the standings, we’re taking full advantage of this opportunity to get our heads above water and we’re getting back on track. Determination and will are values ​​made in Soule, now Xabi Etchebehere’s teammates have to import them.

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