He dines with an inflatable doll at the restaurant after finishing last in a Fantasy Football … / England / SOFOOT.com

He didn’t deflate.

In England, a football fan stood out in an amazing way. After finishing in last place in a Fantasy Football League between friends, he could not escape unscathed. He received a pledge from the other members of the league: to go to dinner at the restaurant with an inflatable doll. Arrived alone and well dressed, he sat down, before going to the toilet and inflating the famous Shelley.

The date was then able to begin, under the gaze of his completely hilarious friends, a few tables longer. They were able to film the whole meal, which makes it possible to revel in this scene. He played the game thoroughly, ordering her a beer and kissing her vigorously. He also mimicked a couple’s argument where he kicked the doll out of the restaurant… before asking a passerby to take care of her. But that was too much for the restaurant, which decided to deflate poor Shelley… But the bet was met brilliantly.

A Ciaran Clark doll, a Son doll.


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