Heavy. Firefighters have fire for rugby

Inaugurated in 2019, the annual “Jeannot-Helhorry” challenge had remained dormant for two years, following the consequences of covid.

After this long period of imposed respite, this event was finally relaunched at the Lourdes rescue center on Saturday July 30, in the presence of the family of the deceased firefighter.

Its organizer, Bernard Lagrave, explains: “This is a sporting meeting between firefighters and players of the US Adé: firefighters and rugby players do not separate the same values ​​​​of team spirit , solidarity, humility and communication?

Meeting with the oval

At the end of this busy morning, some of the seventy-five “fire men” of Lourdes (including twenty professionals and ten women), commanded by Captain Cédric Doublet, assisted by his deputy, Lieutenant Frédéric Batcradère, met, in the presence of former Lourdes, as well as twenty players and eleven volunteers from the US Adé, to share a discreet moment of conviviality, apart from the sounds of the sirens and cries of the stadium, very appreciated by all.

Rugby players or firefighters, the two bodies were in any case able to discuss their values.

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