Henderson, first in the Évian Championship: “I can’t wait to live this weekend”

“You become the first player in LPGA history to start with two 64s (-7) in a Major. How do you rank those tricks in your career?
It’s really nice to get off to a start like this in a Major tournament. It’s been a while since that happened to me and to be -14 already after two rounds is great. I hit the ball very well and made a few putts. I can’t wait to live this weekend.

This Evian course has rather complicated greens but that doesn’t seem to bother you. What’s the key?
For two months, I putt very well and it’s a great feeling. It’s good to be a bit in the zone in this area. I won a few months ago (ShopRite LPGA Classic in June) and I had good results in Majors. I arrived in Evian after a good rest. I’m ready and looking forward to the rest of this week and the next two weeks.

“It would be incredible to win my second major title, here in Évian. »

You are going to play with Nelly Korda on Saturday for the 3rd round, did you follow her performance on Friday before leaving?
Yes, I saw that Nelly had finished well and that she was in on it. But it didn’t change anything for me. I’m just trying to keep putting my game plan in place: hitting the ball in the right areas and trying to bring in some putts. But, yes, I took a look at the bulletin board and tried on my side to do the best I could.

You’ve won a lot of LPGA titles (11 wins), but you only have one Major title. It was six years ago and your triumph at the PGA Championship.
Yes, it would be incredible to win my second major title, here in Evian. But I hope to land a few more before the end of my career.


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