Hope. Excellent results in table tennis

Here are the results of the Reignac Table Tennis weekend.

In R3, Reignac1/Lacabarède1: 11 to 03. Very complicated start to the match for Reignac, 2-2 after the first meetings but then the victories follow one another and the victory is there, which makes it possible to ensure maintenance in R3.

In R4, Reignac2/Bretenoux2: 08-06. Great performance for team 2 which wins against slightly superior opponents on paper. A victory which allows the team to rank 6th in the championship. Maintaining it looks very complex despite everything because of the reform of the championship in the middle of the phase.

In D1, Reignac3/Salviac1: 07-07. Julien and Georges win two singles each, Nathan and Seb win one. Victory was very close, too bad, but the objective of maintaining it is acquired.

In D2, Reignac4/Faycelles3: 06-04. Another very tight match for the Reignacois. David and Nicolas in great shape win two games each pass and very close to three victories. Corentin wins a match and the double associated with Nicolas. The team ranks second in the championship: objective, first place.

In D3, Reignac4/Faycelles5: 06-04. Very close scores! Baptiste, the luxury substitute of the day, largely participated in the success with three victories. Lucas and Hugo win a match each and double that. The new gestures have been acquired over the past few weeks which have not yet been competed but the progress is there!

In D4, Reignac5/Cressensac2: 06-04. Another tense game! On paper, the opponents were much better ranked but the Reignacois were not afraid. A great collective victory where Thierry once again proved to be imperial with three victories. Tilian wins two matches. Valérie also performs well against a player with 150 points more than her. The first place is acquired, now we will have to go and keep it on Saturday against Bretenoux. Maxime Grenier president of the TTR would like to thank the man of the day, the referee, Philippe, and also the supporters who came in large numbers.

The next meetings will take place this Saturday, November 26.

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