hopes after a great season for Stade Navarrais Rugby

The president, David Lapeyrade, led the meeting, confident…

The president, David Lapeyrade, led the meeting, confident from the start of his satisfaction after a particularly rich season as a whole, reinforcing the brand new office. He first mentioned the well-being of this season which has finally become “normal”, after these two years of pandemic, which has seen players transcend themselves and give pleasure to their supporters and has improved at the same time in terms of finances.

Satisfactory results

The various activities were also underlined: the “champions party” day, the day with the farmers in March and the small salmon tournament (and its participation record). Beautiful final phases and very satisfactory overall results.

The various managers have all highlighted the excellent state of mind of their troops, from the rugby school through the minima, cadets and juniors, teams that all started with a somewhat tight workforce and who have grown stronger, showing good will, even in well-attended training.

The finances, managed by the specialists Jean Claude Mathelié and Céline Brière, give a good result, with 17,197 euros remaining after 144,715 euros in receipts against 127,518 euros in expenses (the final phases a summer of a good contribution).

Next season will see a big change in terms of future opponents: exit the “Basque chicken” for new teams. There will be famous derbies with Barcus (from the first match), but also with neighbors Josbaig and Saint-Palais. We will discover Nogaro, Aire, Sévignacq, Condom, Riscle or Villeneuve-de-Marsan for trips which should allow supporters to come and encourage the players.

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