“I understand they want to sell Dieng, but why isn’t he playing? »

Jean-Charles De Bono returned yesterday for FC Marseille on the thorny case of Bamba Dieng. If he understands the desire of the leaders to sell the Senegalese striker, he wonders about his sidelining of the team.

For former Olympique de Marseille player Jean-Charles De Bono, selling the young Bamba Dieng is not an idea to be ruled out, provided that we continue to give him more playing time. According to our consultant, it is only on this condition can the player continue to appreciate in value. De Bono also returned to Igor Tudor’s decision to remove the Senegalese international from the Marseille rotation. A choice that lacks consistency, Bemba Dieng being for him one of the rare players in the squad who can bring real value more offensively to the team.

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Today, he is the player who could bring more to this team

“Tudor is looking for players who are able to play in their system and the only one who really fits is Bemba. He’s a depth player who dribbles a lot, kicks the ball and makes a lot of calls. Despite all this, he refuses to use it. I want the club to sell him. All last season I said that Bemba was a diamond in the rough, that he had to be trained, supported. He could be a real added value for the club. Today, he is the player who could bring more to this team. I can understand that the club needs cash, that it needs to sell players. what I don’t understand, however, is why not play it. A player like him, if he plays, he may increase in value. If Bemba had more playing time and he turned out to be a good player, the added value would increase for sure. It needs to be highlighted. He’s your player. I even think that he is the ideal player for OM today. It is certainly not in the receipt on the sidelines that you will earn money. I think he has a reason for wanting to go to arm wrestling and wanting to stay at the club. » Jean-Charles De Bono – Source: Marseille Football Club (01/08/2022)

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