in Anglet, “everyone wants to catch up” before the reception of Fleurance

So far, Anglet has always known how to react after receiving a slap. The AORC had won with style against Auch (42-25), a week after falling in Tyrosse (32-9). Romain Chabat’s partners also won the match in Limoges (19-24), six days after a loss at home against Lannemezan (11-19). Will this scenario repeat itself against Fleurance? Imminent response.

Adapt to conditions

Sunday against the Gersois, the conditions were to be a bit more favorable to the game than they were last week at the Blue Flag, even if the ground could be relatively soft, given the rain that fell in the Basque Country this week. Therefore, will Anglet Olympique, a playful team by definition, be forced to reduce the sails and offer a simpler game, as winter arrives? “It’s true that you have to adapt, estimate the former opener. Usually we manage to put some speed into the game and that allows us to compensate for the fact that we face much bigger teams. We have guys who like to play ball. So, when you have to make small piles, small passes… But, as I told them, there are times when you have to know how to win without playing. If we have to win 6-3, we will win 6-3. Sure, guys get a little frustrated when you tell them that, but you have to be able to play all forms of games, and right now you have to go through that. »

This winter, a big challenge awaits the Basques who will have to find solutions in the game, while dealing with a power deficit against most of the teams they will face. Starting with Fleurance, this weekend.

Without Fischer and Egurrola

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