in Biscarrosse, a derby for a centenarian

All hopes are allowed to them, after winning against the very serious team of Bardos, who played at the top of the table but in front of which they failed to win at the end of the game. “Winning this match was quite difficult, we saw each other throughout the game”, sums up Vincent Ladisse.

” Pleasantly surprised “

However, even if “there are still points to improve like a few minor touch-ups in conquest”, the performance of the group reassured the coach: “They pleasantly surprised me! It must be said that having experienced the final stages last year, in a somewhat difficult period, without a bus car no one wanted to take us, it reduces the links! But at this stage, we still don’t know our level. »

This season again, we should have to reckon with the blues and whites, one of whose strengths is the collective of a “very united super group, which manages to surpass itself”. A group that also has more benchmarks, because little changed in the off-season. The club lined up with 11 players comes from its formation, which is the pride of its president Joël Artigues.

This one nevertheless remains seriously cautious because the RCNL displays its ambitions, has recruited in this direction, and will be an adversary: ​​“We must not leave too confident against this team that we find three years after their rise. If we could win against them, it would be a nice centennial gift. Even if, in the years to come, the trend will go towards regroupings because the leaders are running out of steam. What more does it keep if not that the club lives another hundred years! »

Biscarrosse Olympique – Rugby Club Nord Landes, Sunday 25 September at 3.30 p.m., at the Jacques-Ducom stadium. Referee: Thomas Deyris.

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