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France has a fairly busy sports program for the next few years. Indeed, being the host country of the Rugby World Cup in 2023, it is also host for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024. The icing on the cake, the announcement of its organization of the Rugby World Cup rugby league in 2025 has been done.

The choice of France for the Rugby League World Cup in 2025

The Rugby World Cup for the year 2025 was to be hosted by the United States and Canada. This had been planned following the United States’ application in 2016 for the organization of the 2021 World Cup. So, failing to organize the 2021 World Cup, the International Federation recommends the organization of the World Cup 2025 by North America. Note that the organization of the 2021 World Cup, which has been attributed to England, has been postponed due to the Covid pandemic.

To pay more information, remember that the United States and Canada have world-class stadiums, found themselves unable to organize the event. The reasons for this inability were financial and were revealed at the end of 2018. This therefore resulted in their withdrawal from the organization of the 2025 World Cup. The question of the choice of the organizer was therefore relaunched towards the end of the first quarter of the following year.

Thus, France has not failed to jump at the chance to become the host country of the Rugby League World Cup for the year 2025. To this end, the French Rugby League Federation has filed its candidacy in July 2021. It was almost unanimous that France’s candidacy was approved with four events.

The organization of the 2025 Rugby League World Cup by France

France has already begun preparations for the seventeenth world rugby league. The French government gives its full support to this competition. The budget that has been planned for the organization of this world is 59M euros. The managing director of the organizing committee specified that 70% of the budget is from private funds and 30% from public funds. As for the Ministry in charge of Sports in France, a commitment of 700,000 euros has already been made.

The four events endured are those of men, women, juniors and those of wheelchair athletes. The program includes 128 matches which will take place from October to November 2025. For this large-scale event, one hundred thousand spectators from all over the world are expected. In addition, forty cities, including Paris, will host the event.

Rugby League has evolved in the shadow of Rugby Union. So the organizers and the competent International Federation on the world of 2025 for better develop this discipline. France, for its part, sees this event as a great challenge. This challenge that it intends to take up both on the organizational level and on the competitive level. In fact, she intends to win this competition unlike the years 1954 and 1968 when she was a finalist.

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