in Hagetmau, Alexandre Ducournau prepares his reunion with Saint-Paul in the derby

Trained at the Hagetmautian school of rugby, the ex-winger enjoyed some good years in his favorite club, playing in Federal 1 after playing in the Federal 2 final against Marseille. A detour of three seasons at Saint-Paul Sports, the visitor of the weekend, also allows him to know the final phases of Federal 3 and the accession to the upper division. “We play rugby for these games at stake, knockout, with the pressure of the result. In addition, that year, we had lost very few games in the season, I have very good memories. »

Chaotic end of career

Returning to Hagetmau after this Saint-Paul getaway, “Alex” Ducournau had a chaotic end to his career, disrupted by the pandemic but also a sale of cervical injury. So much so that at 33, he wisely resolved to hang up his crampons. The distance from the field did not last long since, two months later, he was on the SAH bench with local stamped staff, provided with a project validated by the club’s authorities.

“On the pitch, you can let go of your emotions, while on the bench, you have to contain and manage them. And it’s not always easy to do! »

After making his mark last year during a laborious season, he is starting his second season on the Chalossais bench – which seems promising –, the federal diploma obtained last week in his pocket. “We know the players, our goal is to reach them at the best level. ” Alexandre Ducournau does not need to be asked to discuss the difference between the status of player and coach: “On the field, you can lose your emotions while on the bench, you have to contain and manage them. And it’s not always easy to do! »

“It’s up to us to confirm”

Facing Saint-Paul, his players will have to erase the frustration of the defeat at Boucau / Tarnos (22-15), despite the defensive bonus. “We had a good match, even if we lost at the end of the game, underlines the three-quarter coach. It’s up to us to confirm in front of our audience. »

Manager Jérémy Marti, he retained “the state of mind and the speed in the game” and wants to validate these beautiful promises: “We must remain undefeated at home. It is the objective. “Jordan Beauvalon and Christophe Moresmau (ankle) are uncertain, while rookie Enzo Visade, injured during the preparation, could activate the group.

Saint Paul Sports

In Hagetmau, the Saint-Paulois will not have to be part-time as against Hendaye (27-14), where it was necessary to wait for additional time for the race across the fields of the hare Oustalé to deliver the team and the public. We will only play the third day on Sunday and there are still adjustments to be made by the coaches. According to Didier Discazaux, co-trainer of the SPS, “we made the diagnosis: if we lost a bit of footing in the second half, it was due to abnormal faults and bad choices. We will still retain the 27 points scored and the first victory at home.
It is true that a victory in a first home game had become, on the side of Saint-Paul, a commodity as rare as a pot of mustard… Another rare commodity, the rain, which could invite itself and modify playing conditions.
Olivier Dagincourt

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