In Kerlouan, the two star teams of Côte-des-Légendes Handball in the upper division this season – Kerlouan

The star women’s team of Côte-des-Légendes Handball (CLHB) found its way back to the championship on Saturday September 17, 2022 in Kerlouan by signing its first match in the upper division in the Pre-National Women’s group. “It’s the first time that the club has brought a team to such a high level”, rejoices Marcel Cavarec, the president, “we are proud! “. This first experience ended in a defeat against Entente du Bas-Léon B, 24 to 39. he. “We held on for half and physically we went down afterwards. We’ll do better next time “. Note that the men’s team also reaches the next level and will be evaluated in the first territorial division. The CLHB has also created two new teams this season in under 18 girls and boys.


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