In Montivilliers, the renovation of tennis structures poses a problem between the association and the City

The Montivillon Tennis Group Le Havre Métropole (GMT) and the City of Montivilliers are in disagreement regarding the maintenance of the structure and the work necessary for its renovation. During the last general meeting, the atmosphere was stormy between the two parties, each passing the ball.

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During the last general meeting of the GMT, Nicolas Poissonnière, president of the association, angrily evoked the dispute between him and the City of Montivilliers, in the presence of the mayor Jérôme Dubost. “Since 2016, the City has owned our structure and must ensure its maintenance, recalls the president of the GMT. The association invests tirelessly in place of this community which does not assume its commitments. The facilities are getting old and the work is becoming substantial. Ladies and gentlemen elected officials […], assume your responsibilities, I remind you that we are volunteers. »

The President explained to the assembly: “Three weeks ago, we received a letter stating that if the GMT does not carry out the renovations, he will be expelled. But who is the owner, the GMT or the City? The City must assume its contractual obligations, including the work. » According to Nicolas Poissonnière, a dialogue has been open for two years, but without solution. “The solution of relocation has always been the right one… but it is not considered. To sweep the GMT is to put 600 young people, including 300 regulars, in the streets of Montivilliers. »

Security issues

To which the mayor replied, for the attention of the members, that he had “read a letter dated November 9, 2022 which was translated to you by your president. He incorrectly asserts that the City […] confirms its desire to close the GMT. I deplore these proposals made by the presidency of the GMT, which has decided to opt for a break in the dialogue at a time when we could act together and responsibly in the face of a situation of danger affecting the security of your club’s infrastructure. We remain committed to the practice of tennis in safety. Hence the regular discussions around the programming of the necessary work. »

In 2020, faced with the suggestion by the GMT to “Favoring new construction, no compromise appeared on the ability to carry out a financially sustainable project. Hence the return to multi-year work to improve equipment with priority on the roofs of courts 6 and 7 and granted credits of 289,000 euros. But the club did not wish to start the work, citing the loss of operating income for three incompressible months of closure from June to August 2022.

An agreement signed in 2016

In terms of the roof, a design office concluded that there were safety problems for court 4 requiring its closure, the under-dimensioning of the secondary structures of the framework for courts 5, 6 and 7 and the need for their rapid replacement. “I therefore had to order the immediate closure of Court 4, the restriction of the use of 5, 6 and 7 and their closure in the event of dangerous weather conditions, decisions not contested by the GMT. On August 24, 2022, I sent a letter to the president of the GMT to clarify his position on this new situation of danger, a letter to which he replied by questioning the responsibility of the municipality. It turns out, however, that the City has carried out the work incumbent upon it. »

The mayor recalled that “the agreement of December 12, 2016 clearly distributes the work load on the structure […]

» and that it is false to claim that the City has the will to close the GMT.

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