In Roscoff, Emmanuel Verfaillie stopped at the Tennis club for the association Les rayon du cœur – Roscoff

Emmanuel Verfaillie, a specialized tennis teacher, undertakes a 5,000 km tour of France by bicycle to help little Ecclesiastes, 3 and a half years old, suffering from Rett syndrome, a neurological disorder, Added by a mutation of a gene. Ecclesiastes is the granddaughter of one of his students.

Eight weeks of travel

Emmanuel Verfaillie stopped on Wednesday August 3 at the Roscoff Tennis Club where Yann Delalande, tennis teacher, and André Morvan, councilor for sports in the town were waiting for him.

Leaving on June 25 from Hazebrouck (Nord), for an eight-week trip to the four corners of France, the Nordiste offers a tennis initiation for children at each stopover town. A sponsorship contract can be established with the association Le petit monde d’Ecclésiaste.

It is possible to follow his journey on the social networks of this adventure, titled like his association Les Rayons du cœur. In addition, two short films per week are broadcast live.


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